Guwahati Public School


Period Of Admission:

First week of April, but is subjected to change according to the needs of the school. Any change will be duly notified. Admission forms and prospectus are issued in the month of December on payment of Rs. 300/- each.

Age Limit:

Pupils seeking admission in Class I must complete the age of five years on or before 30th September of the year of admission and should not be more than seven years. A corresponding age limit may be calculated for their higher classes. No fresh admission in class X & XII.

An admission test would be conducted in the following subjects and merit list prepared would be published on the basis of which students are usually admitted. Admission test is usually held in the 2nd week of January.

(a) Primary classes

: Hindi, English & Maths

(b) Middle classes

: Science, English & Maths.

(c) Secondary classes
Montessori Personal Interview
No admission test from class I to IV
V to IX Need to Pass admission test

: Science, English & Maths.

(d) Class XI Admission would be made in order of merit on the basis of Board's results of Class-X.

(a) Admission form complete in all respects and accompanied by all required documents must be submitted to the office within the prescribe date.
(b) Attested copies of the following documents would be required to be submitted along with the admission forms.
i) Birth Certificate.
ii) Transfer Certificate from the previous school duly signed by the Principal (except class 1)
iii) Progress report of the previous school.
iv) SC/ST/OBC certificate issued by the competitive authority wherever applicable.

1. Student must reach the School at least five minutes berore the morning bell. Late comers may not be allowed to attend the classes. Please remember morning assembly is a part of the daily time-table.
2. Children are strictly forbidden not to leave the school campus during School hours Sneaking Out of the school without permission is a serious offence.
3. Without maintaining 75% of attendence, students will not be entertained to appear in sessional assessment
4. Homework and class work must be submitted regularly. Private tuition is not encouraged.
5. Neat and tidy uniform and maintenance of cleanliness is a must.
6. In the school premises, only English is the official language.
7. Children must know by heart the School prayer, the National Anthem and the School pledge.
8. Student availing school bus must reach their bus stoppage well ahead of time and must not take excuse of bus miss to remain absent from school.
9. Student must not remain absent from the school without having solid reason. Student must bring a leave note from tneir parents tor absence.
10. Mobile Phone, Musical appliance Two Wheelers, Fire crackers and even Dendrite are not permitted in the campus.
11. Pan Masala, Betal, Titbits etc. are not aiowed to De used in the school campus. Anybody caught with cigarette packes or Stnoig may be expelled from the school.
12. Students are not allowed to bring two wheelers to the School. Bicycle is allowed.
13. It is compulsory for the students to be present in all the school based co-curricular activities of the school Annual sports, Annual exhibition, Annual day function etc. AbSence on these days need to be approved in advance.
14. Onaments or valuable articles etc are not allowed in the school.
15. Parents are not allowed to meet their wards in the classroom. All communication should be addressed to the Principal/vice Principal/co-ordinators.
17. Students with fancy hair style, facial make-up, lousy and untidy uniform, skin tattoo, fancy beard will not be allowed to attend the classes and will be sent back from the School at the parent's risk.
18. Students remaining absent from the school a day or two prior to the test/exams Witn misconceived notion of preparing for the test at home is detrimental to the continuation of the class room teaching and defeats the very purpose of the test or exams. The School reserves the right to debar such students from appearing in the tests/exams.
19. lf a student is found damaging any school property the cost of damage will be borne by the parents.
20. Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.
21. School fees and bus fees should be paid within 30th of every month. If the fee is due for two consecutive months the student will be deferred from school and bus services.
22. Parents are requested to be present on the result due date for the collection of the report card of their wards
23. Restoring of class X Board Examination from the Academic Year 2018-19.
24. For class X, XI / XIl the examination schedule will be followed as per CBSE norms.
25. 1st and 3rd Saturday will be holidays and 2nd and 4th Saturday will be classdays.






Trouser (Grey), White Shirt(Half)

Trouser, Full Shirt, Pull Over Black shoes


Punic/Pina Fore

White Legging, Pull Over


Track pant & House T - Shirt (For girls & boys) white shoes




Full Trouser (Grey)

Pull Over


Skirt - Shirt

White Legging


Track pant & House T - Shirt (For girls & boys)




Full Pant (Grey), Half Shirt (White)

Blazer for Boys & Girls


Trouser White shirt

Blazer for Boys & Girls


Track pant & House T - Shirt

Hair Ribbon Red
Hair Band Red
Tie for all students
Scout & Guides - Black Stockings

      To furnish the children of the state, education facilities comparable to those provided by the advance state of India, so that they can make their mark in any field or activity in which they may participate including all India competitions, Adarsh Vidyalaya Sanstha, a registered society under society's Registration Act. XI of 1860 desires to establish a chain of Schools in different parts of state more or less in the pattern of the Kendriya Vidyalaya to be affiiated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and will follow the syllabus laid down by it. Guwahati Public School is the first school started by the Sanstha in 1982 and already affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi from Class I to XII. The first batch appeared in the Board EXAMINATION (Class X) in 1983 and for Class XII in 1994.

      Objective of the Sanstha is to co-operate with National and International organisaion having similar objectives and to promote national integration.

      The Sanstha takes the pride of providing education to children at the minimum expenditure possible without giving much training to the parents and always welcome the parents and Guardian's suggestions in all academic matters.

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